silhouette magnificient elegance


A reference on the cutlery market. Harmonious curves and a perfect finish that are of a very high level both universal and timeless. It is here presented in the mirror finish, it also exists in silver plate. 

high range forged pattern
18/10 stainless steel
dishwasher proof
exists in finish mirror and silver plate



silhouette range

additional pieces


50-pc wooden canteen
86-pc wooden cabinet
124-pc wooden cabinet


the range 50-piece set 86-piece set 124-piece set
Table fork 12 12 12
Table knife 12 12 12
Table spoon 12 12 12
Medium teaspoon 12 12 12
Dessert fork   12 12
Dessert knife   12 12
Dessert spoon      
Service fork 1 1 1
Service spoon 1 1 1
Espresso spoon   12 12
Ladle     1
2-piece salad set      
Cake fork     12
Cake server     1
Fish fork     12
Fish knife     12
Butter spreader      
Gourmet spoon      
Round soup spoon      
Gravy ladle      
Fruit knife