étincelle platinum

étincelle platinum



All the spirit of porcelain shaped by hand : a wind of pleasure and delight engulfed on the table, offers the charm of an original round shape. This shape is enhanced with a refined platinium edging.


GALA presentation
charger plate Ø31.5cm Ø12.4"
GALA plate
dinner plate Ø27.5cm Ø10.83"
GALA dessert
dessert plate Ø21.5cm Ø8.46"
GALA pain
bread and butter plate Ø15.5cm Ø6.10"
GALA bol salade
individual salad bowl Ø21.5cm Ø8.46"

GALA bol café
coffee cup and saucer 9cl 3.17oz
GALA thé
tea cup and saucer 15cl 5.28oz
GALA verseuse
tea pot 1.1l 38.73oz
GALA sucrier
sugar bowl 29cl 10.21oz
GALA crémier
cream jug 12cl 4.23oz

GALA ravier
pickle dish 24cm 9.45"
GALA saladier
salad bowl Ø22.5cm 2l Ø8.86" 70.42oz
GALA plat ovale
oval dish 37cm 14.57"