jardin de flore - oxygène

jardin de flore - oxygène



Vegetation poetry dominates here. Refined details, sophisticated patterns with branches and flowers which animate the architecture shape of the plate.


OXYGENE plate pm
square dinner plate small 25x25cm 9.84"x9.84"
OXYGENE plate gm
square dinner plate big 27x272cm 10.63"x10.63"
OXYGENE bol salade
individual salad bowl Ø23cm Ø9.06"
OXYGENE dessert
square dessert plate 19.5x19.5cm 7.68"x7.68"
OXYGENE rectangle pm
rectangular plate small 16x24.5cm 6.30"x9.65"

OXYGENE rectangle gm
rectangular plate big 21.5cmx32cm 8.46"x12.60"
OXYGENE coupelle pm
square plate small 11.5cmx11.5cm 4.53"x4.53"
OXYGENE coupelle gm
square bread and butter plate 15.5x15.5cm 6.10"x6.10"
coffee cup and saucer 9cl 3.14oz
tea up and saucer 15cl 5.28oz

mug 30cl 10.56oz
OXYGENE  verseuse
tea pot 0.7l 24.65oz
OXYGENE sucrier
sugar bowl 26cl 9.15oz
OXYGENE crémier
cream jug 15cl 5.28oz
OXYGENE bol gm
rice bowl big Ø13cm Ø5.12"

COUPE plat ovale
oval dish 37cm 14.57"
COUPE ravier
pickle dish 24cm 9.45"
COUPE saladier
salad bowl Ø22.5cm 2l - Ø8.86" 70.42oz
OXYGENE plateau aperitif
apetizer tray 41x20cm 16.14"x7.87"
OXYGENE tea for two
tea for two tray 30x30cm 11.81"x11.81"